Highest Quality Homes, Outstanding Customer Service


At SEhomes...


Your home is built with quality components, to government standards set apart from the competitors because of our desire to be the best in the industry. SEhomes caters to all price segments of the market. Our homes are built to buyer specifications and expectations.


Our homes are built to the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code). The HUD code Standards make manufactured housing the only component of the housing industry that is subject to a single national standard. Factory certification is regulated and each manufactured home carries a HUD seal stating that it was built in compliance with the Federal Code.


SEhomes offers you choices, flexible floor plans, quality building components, and innovative designs.


Our homes are a better value due to the fact that they are constructed in a controlled environment where waste is minimized, labor is consistent, and inclement weather doesn't interfere with the construction process.


SEhomes, Inc. is the industry leader in producing top quality, customizable homes. SEhomes, Inc. was founded in 1982 in Addison, Alabama. Our homes were immediately recognized for outstanding value and innovative home designs. Our concept of letting the customer design their own home was an instant success. There core values: value, innovation, and customization, provided a solid foundation for our company to grow and succeed.


Today, SEhomes, Inc. operates seven home production divisions and has built over 100,000 homes. Since our inception, we have focused on allowing our customers the "Freedom to Choose." Today this is more so than ever.



SEhomes, Inc. gives homeowners and retailers the "Freedom to Choose:"


  • Homes from four product lines covering all segments of the market

  • The highest quality homes produced

  • The most innovative designs and features

  • The homes providing the best value on the market

  • Customizable homes

  • The best customer service before and after the sale

  • A company that stands behind our products and services


All of us at SEhomes, Inc. truly take "Freedom to Choose" seriously. These "freedoms" allow us to provide happy, satisfied customers consistently every single day.