From tiny homes to modular homes and everything else in-between we offer homes from 8 different manufacturers with an emphasis on lower and middle price point homes. We also offer land location services and financing from 9 different lenders with over 20 specialized financing programs including programs for no credit, low credit, bad credit as well as stated income programs for self-employed individuals. There is even a program for undocumented workers with ITIN numbers who do not possess a social security card.

Manufactured and Modular Homes


Starting with your initial consultation our experts focus on your housing requirements based on your budget constraints. We will assess your current situation and show you a list of homes that meet your needs all the while striving to fit your exact lifestyle criteria.


Once you’ve decided on your new home our financial consultants will get right to work.  We understand the financing process can be overwhelming but rest assured that we have a financing program to meet your needs and your budget.


Land Location Services


With a licensed real estate broker and agents on staff, access to Multiple Listing Services in most areas and our extensive list and relationships with land developers, we have the perfect property to place your new tiny, mobile, manufactured or modular home.
Lending Services

We Offer Great Financing Programs for our Manufactured, Modular, and Tiny Home Buyers

  • Owner financing with no social security or credit card required

  • Bank repo finance programs

  • Zero down payments for landowners, affiliated outside mortgage lender financing

  • 1st time buyer program

  • 2nd time buyer program

  • Zero down payments on VA Land and home financing, outside mortgage lender financing

  • Co-signer programs

  • Buy for programs

  • Home and land finance programs

  • Guaranteed equity approval irrespective of credit score

  • Alternative income program for self-employed individuals

No Credit, Low Credit, No Problem!

Nowhere else will you find great financing programs for mobile homes San Antonio. No credit score required, no down payments for VA land and home financing and landowners. Manufactured Housing Consultants will help you find the best financing options to buy a new or pre-owned home. Whether we are financing you for the first time or the second time to secure a San Antonio manufactured home, we have specialized programs to suit your requirements.